Monday, February 11, 2013

Be elegant like a Lady

Nail polish review, Revlon Elegant (colour 380)

Hello Ladies, and welcome to my first nail polish review. This post is very exciting for me because I love nail polish. Trust me, I was a trainer for mani/pedi's at my last job, so I know alot about nails and how to work with them. 

So today's review is about Revlon's nail polish in colour Elegant (380). This is a new colour that i've purchased in the begining of winter, and I thought it was a beautiful, neutral colour to wear and the name of it is very reprentative, it looks absolutely elegant. 

I love this nail polish for so many reasons. The price is very cheap (only 3.99$ can on sale), the colour is stunning, can suit every skin tones, it lasts for a couple of days and it dries very quickly. 

The only con that I have about this polish, is that the brush is a little tricky for the colour. Because the colour is matte and beige, usualy the brush should be a little bit thicker and larger so you can cover a large part of your nail without moving the wet polish too much. The brush leaves a little bit of it's mark if you don't put enough polish on it. 

Here are the steps to follow to wear this polish like a pro:

1- The first coat: apply a thin layer of polish to cover your nails, and trust me it will look bad. Let dry.

2- The second coat: put a thicker coat of polish ( not too thick), and be careful to not use the brush over and over again on your nails, this will cause imperfections. Let dry.

3- Top coat: use a glossy top coat to make your nails elegant and glamorous. I love the CND top coat for a professionnal finishing touch!

Lady-like elegant polish

CND top coat

Revlon's polish in Elegant (380)

Thank you ladies and have a beautiful week :)

LadyKady xoxo

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