Thursday, February 21, 2013

Perfect foundation under the snowflakes

Hello Ladies,

and happy snow day! Today, I wanted to share my winter foundation routine and tips on how to keep your skin looking flawless under the snow.

My first step, is liquid foundation. I don't apply any primer with this foundation, because the foundation itself works really well. I use the CLINIQUE EVEN BETTER foundation and I really love the fact that it is light, silky, smooth and it also has a SPF 15. I apply this foundation with my hands, and it's the best way I found to apply the product to keep a natural and smooth finish.

Then to set the foundation, I always apply a powder, and it keeps the makeup in place all day. This winter I really love the L'OREAL MINERAL LUMINIZING POWDER, in a pink translucent tone. It gives me the perfect glow for these snowy days, and also adds a perfect finish to my foundation. I apply this powder with a big powder brush for a natural effect.

With these products I don't need to do any touch ups during the day and my skin  looks flawless all day. I only touch up if I play in the snow with my kiddies :)

Have a nice day ladies!

LadyKady xoxo

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