Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flawless Lashes

Hello Ladies and happy valentines day!!!!!!
Today's post will be about keeping your lady-like lashes looking flawless. So keep your false lashes away for a while and start showing off your natural ladylashes:)

Step one: Always remove your makeup before going to bed.
This is the most important beauty step for keeping young, healthy and beautiful lashes. Keeping the old mascara overnight will make your lashes fall off easly and cause breakage.

step two : use a gentle and effecient eye makeup remover with a cotton pad, and rub gently the product to remove all of the makeup. If you use some waterproof liner or mascara, use an oil base eye makeup remover. I love the one from Clinique, take the day off, very gentle and does the job pertfectly.

step three : before bedtime use a lash serum to help your lashes grow longer and stronger. I love, the l'Oreal lash serum, use it like a liner with the tip and then put a coat of serum like using a mascara on your lashes.

step four : To finalise your makeup, mascara is a must. Don't forget to change it every 3 months to keep it clean. Then choose the colour of your choice to enhance your eyes. Put a mascara base before using your msscara, the base will nourish, hydrate and condition your lashes to keep them flawless. Then apply mascara, with a gentle zig zag movement to create more volume.

And voila!!!!

Keep it up Ladies, and leave me a comment to tell me how my flawless lashes steps helped you.

Have a Beautyful day ladies
LadyKady xoxo

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